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New KULI e-mobility release

KULI 9.1 is here and we believe that this new version will significantly improve thermal management simulation for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Our most important new features include:

  • A battery model, which allows simulation with several levels of detail. Whether you want to build a complex cell-level model or you only need a simple black box for system integration tasks - KULI 9.1 offers sophisticated workflows for cell, module, and battery layout.
  • Power electronics models for electric inverters and converters, which make it possible to simulate the complete efficiency chain from energy storage to electric traction motor.
  • Seamless integration of electric components, engine cooling, and HVAC topics for comprehensive vehicle thermal simulation models.

But our target was not only to develop new components and features. We also wanted to provide the most efficient and user-friendly tool for thermal management of electric vehicles on the market.

This is why we have spent the last year developing "as-simple-as-possible" and yet "as-precise-as-necessary" simulation models for all relevant electric components. We have done research and development projects with plenty of simulation work of our own. We have talked to OEMs and battery manufacturers. And we have designed and redesigned the user-interface until it was easy and comfortable to use.

We hope that you enjoy the results of our work and invite you to download KULI 9.1 here.

If you want to learn more about KULI 9.1 and a limited time offer for our new module KULI ecodrive, please also refer to our latest edition of the KULI Newsletter, which can be viewed here.